Hello & Welcome to Hometown Bingo!

Toonie Pot $486.00
Accumulator $3,525.00 #52
Players Progressive $4,824.60 #50
Super Jackpot $2,000.00 #56
Shutters $1,000.00 #  6
Pick 8 $1,000.00 #22
Mini Prog $2,500.00 #55
Dual Dabs $776.10 #35

(Details in Hall)

Beginning Sep. 1, 2013 our 10:00 PM sessions will begin at 9:45 PM.

Tuesday is Dabber only Bingo verifiers will not be played.

Special Services

Hometown Bingo offers a wide variety of food and beverages from our canteen, with daily specials at reasonable prices.

New Player to Hometown Bingo? We welcome you with a free beverage and a dabber.

So it’s your birthday! With ID, you get to spin our Birthday Wheel for a canteen daily special or gift certificate, you will also receive a dabber and a free beverage – have fun.

12:30 PM Maria
 3:30 PM N/A
 7:00 Pm Jennifer
 9:45 PM N/A
12:30 PM Warkworth Legion
3:30 PM N/A
7:00 PM Community Living
9:45 PM Community Living